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Pirate and Pearl Soap Co. is a small business that specializes in crafting artisan soaps!  Our soaps are thoughtfully handmade, hand cut and hand finished.  Each collection is carefully formulated in small batches with a rich blend of oils and butters designed to pamper your skin. We take the extra time to focus on the small details in order to present you with a luxurious soap that indulges the senses. Enjoy!

What kind of ingredients do you use in     your soap?


We only use the highest quality ingredients in our soap!  Only plant and vegetable oils are used to create our soaps.  Any colorants used are either from natural sources (charcoal, clays, etc.) or are colorants that are animal product free and FDA approved. Yes, sodium hydroxide (lye) is used in the process, but that is what makes soap, well, soap! No active lye exists in the final product. We use the cold-process method of soapmaking, which means all of our soaps are allowed to cure a minimum of four weeks to make sure they are skin safe.  Any products from animals that we use (goat milk, tussah silk, etc.) are all sourced cruelty free, 


Does homemade soap feel the same as commercial soaps?


You might find that our soaps do have a different texture than commercial bars you find in your local drug store.  In our opinion, commercial bars leave us feeling very "squeaky clean", which we find rather harsh and drying for our taste.  We don't want to use harsh detergents, surfactants, or a bunch of chemicals you can't pronounce to create an appealing bar of soap.  Because of the way we make our soaps, you may find our bars to be slightly softer and more gentle in cleansing than commercial brands.  

Are there any special care instructions to make my soap last?

We recommend that you allow your bar to air dry when not in use.  Draining soap dishes are an excellent idea! If you plan to use it in the shower, it is best to store your bar of soap outside the shower after you use it.  Otherwise you might find your bar of soap dissolving quicker than you would like!  

Any other recommendations?​


Since we do not use harsh chemical colorants, you might notice a little color in your suds.  Don't worry, it will not stain your skin, sink or tub! If you do use a washcloth, you might consider using one that is darker in color or you may see some of the colors on your bright white washcloth.  In the shower, we love lathering up using bath poofies (yes, I said poofies)--they work wonderfully with our soaps.​  Oh yeah, one last piece of advice--and as yummy as our soaps smell and look, please don't eat them :)

What if I have any questions, concerns, compliments or complaints?


We would love to hear your feedback!    Please find our contact information on our contact page and let us know what you think!